Buyrite Solutions

Why our members shop with us

Convenience was the reason I joined, the fact I didn’t have to travel to get goods. prices would be a big thing for me, they are competitive and that’s always a winner

James Doyle, Co. Wexford

The biggest thing for me, it saves my time which is invaluable. I don’t have to get on the phone and ring around the whole place and see where the best price is had. I know I am getting the best price with Buyrite and I know they are getting me the best deal possible…Then I don’t have to worry about collecting it – It’s delivered, right to the door step.

Padraig Dermody, Co. Kilkenny

I farm on my own here, and It saves me massive amounts of time driving around and picking up supplies. While the price is always right, I don’t have to waste two hours a week off farm sourcing everything myself. I order, its delivered and I pay once a month. All my invoices are together for accounts

Philip Jones, Co. Wexford

I joined primarily to save me driving the roads, however, I have come to learn that the alternative range of products are excellent. For example, I use pure chem detergent, its excellent quality and an excellent price too. It hasn’t let me down yet.

Sean Keenan, Co. Laois