Buyrite Solutions

What Our Members Are Saying

“I buy on a regular basis from Buyrite as I know that I am getting the best deal without me spending hours tracking down sales people and having them calling to me!” Eugene Burke, Co. Clare

“I find the whole convenience of Buyrite great as I can give them a call when I am planning to do a job. I know I am getting as good a deal as is out there and better most of the time. Before I know it, it gets dropped to my yard and this saves me time and money driving around.”Sean Conefrey, Co. Longford.

“Other non Buyrite farmers often ask me about the annual membership fee and whether I get value for it. I know that I have it paid for in the first month with the savings I am making.”Brendan Phelan, Co. Kilkenny.

“I think the real value and saving comes when Buyrite gives me the choice of a market leading product or the alternative generic product with the very same ingredients at a very good discount. The others won’t do that because they want to keep their turnover up”.John Fogarty, Co. Tipperary.

“I like the way that Buyrite compares products on the market in terms of value and cost and it gives me reassurance that they are working on the members interests and not the big manufacturers interests. I can still buy my favourite brand if I wish from them but I know exactly what I am paying extra for that brand.” Michael Quinlivan, Co. Clare.

“I think that if a farmer is considering joining Buyrite they should ask themselves a few questions like, Am I willing to buy over the phone rather than in the local store?, Will I organise myself and plan in time to allow for products to be delivered? Am I really serious about reducing costs and willing to do thing differently? If you can answer yes to these, then joining Buyrite for a year is a no-brainer. If it doesn’t suit you, you can drop out the following year with no hassle from anyone. If you can’t save a lot more than the membership fee in the first year you probably shouldn’t be a member!” Tom O’Connell, Co. Cork.